what we do

At IMS Computer Systems, Inc we build computer systems for users in all categories: individuals, business, industrial and municipal. We perform upgrades and repairs to our own brand as well as other brand computers. In addition to resolving hardware issues, we also resolve software issues such as virus and malware infections, software incompatibility issues and trouble shooting system problems. These services can be done at our facility, your location and sometimes done remotely, saving you from having to bring in the computer or us having to come to your location. Call us for details on the remote access services.


who we are

IMS began in the early 1980's as a custom software developer. At that time, what little commercially available software existed seldom met the needs of computer users. Back then computer users had to either be a programmer themselves or know someone that was in order to make or modify the application programs they needed. You simply could not go to a store and buy software off the shelf like you can today.

In 1980-81 there was a new, little company getting a start in the computer world by making tools for programmers. One of their products was called Disk Operating System (DOS) v1.0. This product allowed a programmer to control the computer and make it easier to store, retrieve, and print information. You may have guessed the name of that new, little company... Microsoft.

Teaming up with an owner of nearly 50 residential rental properties in the greater Grand Rapids area, a rental property management software package was developed. In a short amount of time other landlords in the area became aware of the benefits of this program. Before long, sales of software and the hardware to run it on turned a part time college student's job into a full time computer sales and service company.

A lot has changed in the computer industry since then. Microsoft continued to produce products, several more versions of DOS, as well as many versions of Windows. New hardware became available and grew in capacity. Before long, those 8" floppy disks that only held 178,000 character were a thing of the past. We can now carry several gigabytes of information on a little device in our pocket, the equivalent of over 22,000 8" floppy disks worth of information!

During this entire time, IMS Computer Systems, Inc. has been utilizing the software and hardware available to meet the needs of business and personal computer users. Growing from a custom software developer in the 1980's to a software and hardware implementation and repair company today; we see the tools have changed, but our focus has not. IMS Computer Systems, Inc. is focused on simplifying and integrating computers into your company or personal setting with maximum results.